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  • The construction process of Haftkhan began in 2003 and after seven years, it launched in 2010 with the goal of creating an incredible and competitive restaurant complex at both national and international levels in Shiraz. Haftkhan as a touristy complex, works under supervision of Cultural Heritage, Handicrafts and Tourism Organization of Fars.

  • From the beginning experts and professional group- 300 persons directly and 1500 ones indirectly- cooperate to make a remarkable place in Shiraz. Passing the Quran Gate, Haftkhan with its magnificent and spectacular look and unique architecture is built in 1400 square meters area with 6000 square meters foundation. Haftkhan is a grand restaurant complex with five different restaurants and two coffee shops in five floors, which are named after " Shahnameh" ( the book of kings), the great epic poem by Ferdowsi. The name of Haftkhan restaurant complex was also taken from "Shahnameh".

  • Haftkhan or “The Seven Labors of Rostam” are a series of acts carried out by the greatest Shahnameh’s heroes, Rostam to liberate Kaikaus, the king, and his army. “Khan” also means table of food in Persian texts. So the seven sections of this restaurant are as follow: First Khan: Forood Traditional Restaurant which means down, below. Second Khan: Sindokht buffet which means Simorgh’s daughter. Third Khan: Belian Fast Food which is the name of prophet Khidr. Fourth Khan: Zarir Coffee shop which means golden cuirass Fifth Khan: Nofel International Restaurant which means bright and resplendent. Sixth Khan: Gisia Coffee shop which is a name in Shahnameh. Seventh Khan: Garsivaz Barbecue Restaurant which is named after Afrasiab’s brother, an epical character. This restaurant serving more than 500 different Iranian and international cuisine, drinks, desserts to please everyone’s taste.

  • Managers Words

    Shiraz with its magnificent attractions such as monuments left from Zandieh era, tombs of great Persian poets like Hafez, Saadi, Khajoye Kermani and heavenly Persian gardens like Eram and Afifabad in addition to kind and hospitable people is one of the most attractive tourist spots that large groups of tourists make plans to visit this beautiful city. So we felt the necessity of having a restaurant complex to provide an appropriate and acceptable service that deserve guests both from Iran and all over the world. Beside that, we were seeking another goal, one that was accomplished in Hassanpour Trading Company, one of the most successful exporting companies, and that was using ferign trading funds in creating job opportunities and helping the national economy.
  • As managers and financiers we belive that Irainian people deserve the bests and we tried to build a uniqe and special place with traditional- modern architecture and a wast variety of foods to suit different tastes and provide a calm place where families be willing to spend time. In this way we want to show the world the hospitality of Irainian. And now various achivements in different cultural and artistic feilds and gaining acceptance by our dear guests show that we are in right path, and that was not possible without God’s help and our great and tireless efforts to provide what is the best for our guests. We hope that we deserve to have their worthy support in future too.

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